Which Manikin is Right For YOU?

Which manikin best suits your needs? Here at MCR Medical, we are a proud distributor of PRESTAN Products. There are 3 adult manikin options you could choose from: Series 2000, Professional, or Ultralite Series.



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Honoring Karen Morrison With Wildflower Seeds


Free Wild Flower Seed Packet with Every Order In May 

How It All Started

Karen Morrison co-founded MCR Medical with her husband, Charlie, to meet a need they saw first-hand in the first aid and CPR training community: providing the best quality products, at the best price, with integrity and an authentic personal touch through the relatively new market of e-commerce. They started MCR as a small business out of their spare bedroom, handling all of the customer calls, order fulfillment, shipping and the ins and outs of small business themselves. Together they worked hard, rarely taking time off as they committed to the business and developed their future plans.

Karen’s bright, happy spirit and personal warmth greeted every sales call, and her business savvy and commitment to the future were the backbone of their partnership. Because of their commitment to quality and integrity, the business quickly flourished. In 2014 they  purchased  their first warehouse, beginning to realize their dream. With their shared background in CPR training and first aid, Karen and Charlie together developed and sourced the best CPR products to share with their fellow trainers, always mindful of the human impact of kindness and fairness in their interactions with their customers and their workforce. They were not just building a successful business, but a GOOD business, and Karen’s warmth and wisdom led the way.
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NEW First Aid & CPR Student Training Kits

MCR Medical’s First Aid & CPR Student Training Kits are the perfect tool for teaching First Aid. Each kit contains all the necessary training materials for your students to have a successful training experience.

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