Making the kit that’s right for you

When putting together the MCR training kits, we do our best to offer as many options possible to suit the needs of our customers. However, it’s impossible to make the perfect bundle for everyone out there. This is why we’ve created our Build-A-Kit feature! 

A kit must include at least 1 Manikin and 1 AED to qualify. After that, pick from any selection of manikins, AEDs, accessories, and add-ons to build your perfect package. PLUS, the more you spend, the more rewards you gain!

4 levels of rewards to earn:

Bronze (Free!)

  • Novelty grab bag of buttons/wristbands

Silver ($400 or more)

  • Novelty grab bag of buttons/wristbands
  • Pack of 10 CPR Training Valves

Gold ($800 or more)

  • Novelty grab bag of buttons/wristbands
  • Pack of 10 CPR Training Valves
  • EpiPen Trainer

Platinum ($1200 or more)

  • Novelty grab bag of buttons/wristbands
  • Pack of 10 CPR Training Valves
  • EpiPen Trainer
  • MCR Manikin Trolley Bag with Wheels (Large Carry-All bag)

Click here to put Build-A-Kit to the test and create your wildest dreams, all while earning rewards! 

As always, reach out with any questions you may have. We are here to help! 


Not sure which manikins to include in the kit? Read Which Manikin is Right for Me? to find out.

Limited Exclusive Offer


MCR Medical is excited to announce a once-in-a-lifetime PRESTAN Product Promotion!

Starting October 10th, when you purchase one of the following items:

PP-AM-400M-MSDS: PRESTAN Professional Adult Manikin Diversity 4-pack Kit

PP-FM-600M-MSDS: PRESTAN TAKE 2 Diversity Kit

PP-ULM-400M-MSDS: PRESTAN Ultralite Adult Manikin Diversity 4-pack Kit


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MCR Medical’s Exclusive Build-A-Kit Feature

What Is It?

Not seeing a kit that fits your needs? Are you looking to customize your order? If you haven’t heard, we have a made-to-order, flexible feature on our website. The build-a-kit option allows you to make a kit specialized just for YOU!
Check out our EXCLUSIVE Build-A-Kit Feature HERE!
With this option, you are able to get everything you need all in one place, and get rewarded! You are also able to save a purchase under your personal account and repurchase the same products next time. Our custom kit building process is convenient, easy, and user-friendly. Please CLICK HERE to check it out!

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NEW – PRESTAN Infant Ultralite Manikin

Exciting news for PRESTAN Ultralite owners! We’re expanding our Ultralite Manikin Family!

MCR Medical and PRESTAN Products have been providing high quality affordable CPR training supplies for over a decade. And that is why it is our pleasure to introduce the newest manikin to our collection – PRESTAN Infant Ultralite Manikin.

PRESTAN Ultralite Infant Single Manikin Dark Skin Tone

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CPR and AED Awareness Week 2022

Every Second Counts in Cardiac Arrest

Time waits for no one. Each year, more than 350,000 EMS-assessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the U.S. When a person has a cardiac arrest, survival depends on immediately receiving CPR from someone nearby.

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PRESTAN Female Accessory Manikin Feature

More and more people are surviving cardiac arrest, but not women… Let’s change that!

PRESTAN is committed to building confidence in CPR and AED training. And now, we are happy to announce PRESTAN’s newest manikin addition— females!


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MCR Medical Company Catalog

We are happy to share for the first time ever — MCR Medical Supply Company Catalog! Our catalog consists of our more popular products, not our entire product line up.

Please email our team at for our complete company catalog in a PDF file. The complete catalog has a hyperlink to each item that can direct you to our website.

As the leading distributor of PRESTAN Products, here at MCR Medical, we are committed to bringing only the highest quality CPR and First Aid Training Materials to the market and are proud to offer PRESTAN Products to our customers.

Have a question? Need a quote? Our Customer Satisfaction Advocates would be happy to help you!

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Is it a CPR Manikin, or a CPR Mannequin?

The continuous debate on correct spelling. Surely, we are not the grammar police. We get many emails with both versions regarding CPR training supplies. The correct usage of manikin or mannequin can depend both on where you are, and what you’re looking for. 

Manikin VS. Mannequin 

In the medical field, the term manikin is used. In retail, the term mannequin is used. 

Are they interchangeable? Not necessarily. Following the dictionary’s definition, we find ourselves using each as alternative forms. 

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Prestan CPR Manikins Upgrade Available

Keeping your equipment up-to-date is vital for CPR instructors. Prestan Products makes it easy with the Prestan CPR Manikins upgrade available at MCR Medical.


Add On Kit Upgrades Extend the Life of Your PRESTAN Manikin 

RPP-AAOK2000-1- Single Add on Kit includes the advanced feedback unit and a 10-pack of Series 2000 ventilation lung bags


As leaders in CPR manikin technology, PRESTAN Products extends your CPR training investment with a convenient upgrade kit to provide advanced Ventilation and Hands-Off Time feedback.

Compatible with PRESTAN Professional Adult Series Manikins 2018 or newer, the add on kit uses a Bluetooth® enabled app to monitor students and provide this crucial feedback. 

PRESTAN Series 2000 lung bags, included in the Kit, are easy to install and feature a Breath Sensor to give ventilation feedback via the PRESTAN CPR Feedback app.

Add On Kits come in single kits or 4-packs. Single kits include 10 Series 2000 ventilation lung bags, and 4-packs include 50 Series 2000 lung bags.



Bluetooth® App Monitors & Reports Students’ Progress               

The Series 2000 App provides real-time feedback for students to improve their technique




The PRESTAN CPR Feedback App provides high-quality, real-time, advanced CPR feedback through Bluetooth®.  This innovative app tracks Advanced CPR feedback (rate, depth, recoil, ventilation, and hands-off time) for up to 6 students at one time.

Additionally, the app generates downloadable CPR training results reports. Real-time performance tracking and recorded data both instruct students and build confidence in their training.  Download the PRESTAN CPR Feedback app from the Apple Store or Google Store, or scan the PRESTAN CPR Feedback QR Code.


MCR Medical and PRESTAN Products – your partners in CPR training!

At MCR Medical, we’re CPR trainers, too. And we only sell products we use ourselves. That’s why we exclusively carry PRESTAN products. So you can purchase the advanced CPR feedback Add On Kit with confidence! Contact our friendly sales staff to upgrade your manikins today.