Top 10 Tips to Engage with Students

Teaching is no piece of cake. Lectures can be long and boring. A big question is how to engage with your students to make the most of their training. Your time should be valued. How can you instill confidence in your students?

The best thing you can do as the instructor is to be prepared, know your audience, manage the setting, and be CONFIDENT! And we want to help you get there! However, we know that’s easier said than done sometimes, and awkwardness can still linger. Here are 10 tips to consider when planning your class!

  1. 1. PRACTICE!

This could arguably be the most important class element. Take advantage of your hands on training time! Even if your class is a renewal, practice makes perfect so each student can confidently spring into action.

  1. 2. Music – Keep the beat!

Who doesn’t like music?! Set the mood! Have your playlist going at the beginning or end of your class when students are arriving/leaving.

We created a YouTube playlist anyone can use with many different genres, from the classics “Stayin Alive” to current trends “About Damn Time”. Each song is between 100 to 120 beats per minute. The American Heart Association also have themed Spotify playlists. Feel free to create your own to fit your style and audience, too!

PS… are you teaching younger kids? The “Baby Shark” song would be PERFECT!

  1. 3. Freebies

F-R-E-E is my favorite four letter word! Anyone can appreciate something free of charge.  We have a variety of novelty items you could give away to students or use as a prize if they get an answer correct, participate, volunteer, or when they complete training! Reward your students for their amazing compression rate. You’ll see a train reaction right in front of your eyes. Soon everyone will have an amazing compression rate! Don’t look at it as a bribe for participation but more of an incentive or award. 

  1. 4. Snacks

Who doesn’t like a mid-day pick me up?! Try heart healthy snacks like granola bars, fruit snacks, or bananas. Or… sometimes people need a little guilty pleasure candy to tie them over to their next sweet tooth craving.

  1. 5. Q & A

Open the floor for a Q & A… If you’re not getting any questions, start one! What ifs? Suppose the victim is in a pool? What if the victim is a woman? One idea may lead to another… the possibilities are endless!

  1. 6. Relatable Scenarios – Make it relevant to THEM!

People need to hear about scenarios that surround their day to day activities. Make them relatable and entertaining. Teaching high schoolers? Give them a scenario where they might be at a party and someone becomes unconscious but there aren’t any adults around. Perhaps, they are swimming at the party and one of their friends drown. Teaching nursing home staff? Give them a scenario where a resident collapses during movie time. These are examples of how you can make a scenario connection with your students. Encourage them to be the hero in those situations. 

  1. 7. Personal Experiences

Similarly, personal experiences can make the relatable scenario real. This is especially interesting if you or someone in the class has a fascinating story to tell. Maybe there are a few students in your class that have had a close call or know someone who has. It’s a great way to engage your students and have them open up about the benefits of CPR. 

  1. 8. Games

In some cases, icebreakers and games are a good way to get your class started. Maybe a “me too” or two truths and a lie icebreaker could help. Kahoot is always a hit, no matter what the occasion is. You could even throw in a bingo game to make sure they are listening throughout the lecture. Bingo was his name, O!

  1. 9. Praise Your Students

They need to know what they are doing right and wrong. And no, not just “That was good, do it again” but more specific like, “Excellent depth! For the next round of chest compressions, try to hold your hands *here* for proper chin tilt,” while giving visual feedback.

  1. 10. Visual Aids

Visual aids also help when presenting statistics. Sometimes numbers don’t always register and can run together. Visual aids are super beneficial and allow for a better understanding of the scary statistics out there. 


Thus, you can engage with your students in your own way. YOU control the class. Make their CPR training memorable. Be that favorable instructor that comes in with a fun-loving attitude, a creative outlook, and CPR Training Trophies. You’ll be talked about days after and recommended for future trainings.

MCR Medical and Prestan Products want to help YOU be confident by supplying CPR Training manikins, AED trainers, and other training supplies to be ready. After all… we are teaching others how to be prepared for an emergency!


Check out our latest Action Leaders video on YouTube featuring Ashley and Jenn! 


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