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Introducing the ManiVest!

Our custom ManiVest has been designed specifically for your Adult CPR Manikins! It’s a great way to keeping your CPR manikins clean and looking stylish.Check out our product page for more details and photos.
Adult CPR Manikin, Professional Series - Prestan
    Close Adult CPR Manikin, Professional Series - Prestan

    Adult CPR Manikin, Professional Series - Prestan

    Skin Tone:
    CPR Feedback Options Depth Rate
    Item # Price
    PP-AM-100-MS $116.69
    PP-AM-100-DS $116.69
    PP-AM-100 $116.69
    PP-AM-100M-MS $138.97
    PP-AM-100M-DS $138.97
    PP-AM-100M $138.97
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    Product Description

    These Professional Series manikins optionally come with CPR Rate Feedback Monitors that provide real-time guidance to students.


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: Prestan

    Warranty: 3-Year

    Files to download and print

    This is the instruction manual for adult Prestan CPR manikins.
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