The Giving Back Conundrum

MCR Medical finds that when we give back, we get so much more

The “Giving Back Conundrum”:

Does it ever seem that, when you do something nice for someone else, YOU are the one who gets the most benefit? It’s almost unfair! Why should helping others give us such a boost? We’re already so fortunate. And yet, it always seems to work that way. At MCR Medical, it’s important that we share our good fortune by meeting real needs in our community. Still, every time it feels like we “get” more from the experience than we “give.” 

Here’s an example. Since August 2017, the first Friday of the month finds us taking 200 sack lunches to The Open Shelter in Columbus, Ohio. This amazing organization was the first 24-hour emergency walk-in shelter in Ohio and has helped over

Sack lunches ready to go to The Open Shelter

30,000 men, women and children with securing and retaining housing, providing hot meals, food, clothing, hygiene supplies, tarps and sleeping bags since opening their doors in 1983.

Each month, our entire staff pitches in to prepare the “sacks,” which include a drink, PB&J sandwich, chips, crackers, fruit snacks and another snack chosen by the staff. The sacks are filled on Thursday and taken to the Shelter on Friday.

As those of you in the Midwest will remember, the beginning of January 2018 was extremely cold. We knew that just lunches were not going to cut it! As well as adding our own Grab-N-Go Hand Warmers, Grab-N-Go Dry Emergency Rain Ponchos and Grab-N-Go Warm Emergency Blankets to the care packages, our staff worked for hours to find a company that could overnight 200 pairs of gloves. What an opportunity to be able to meet an immediate need!

Extra goodies to warm bodies and lift spirits.

Now, here’s the best part.

Of course, helping others through projects like the sack lunches provides our staff with a sense of purpose – a chance to step back from our daily routine and appreciate how fortunate we truly are. But there’s a special part of our workforce that we are blessed to share this opportunity with.

These employees – called our “crew” – are part-timers hired through Viaquest (a non-profit aiding veterans and those with developmental disabilities through specialized services). These wonderful folks assist in our warehouse with inventory, repackaging, and labeling. They attend all of our team building activities (everything from bowling to historical tours of the Columbus area). But preparing the sack lunches for The Open Shelter is by far one of their favorite team tasks.  How lucky we are, not just to share our own time, treasure and talents, but to provide others with the chance to experience the joy of giving back as well?

So where do you make a difference in YOUR community? Tell us your story in the comments. When we each do a little, we all do a lot. And- fair or not – we get back what we give, and then some.

NOTE: If you’d like to learn more about The Open Shelter or Viaquest, click on the links below!

The Open Shelter


Free Shipping Now Fast-N-Free at MCR Medical

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Everyone loves fast shipping, especially if its free! I love free shipping when I shop on line and we don’t want our customers to have to sacrifice prompt delivery for free shipping. I recently purchased new shoes on-line (shhhh, don’t tell my wife) and I selected the free shipping option. After paying my favorite price for shipping, free, I discovered they wouldn’t arrive for another 7 days. In addition to the long wait, the delivery window was 12 days. Here at MCR Medical, you will receive better customer services with Fast N Free Shipping.

Our personal shopping expectations have changed, therefore MCR Medical’s shipping methods are progressing to meet your needs. We upgraded our “Free Economy Shipping” to “Fast N Free Shipping” for ALL of our customer, including you. In the past, we used economy shipping, but we weren’t satisfied with the wide spread delivery window (much like my shoe experience). Now we are using FedEx Ground and USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail Packages for your free shipping service. This provides all of our customers with a faster service and more predictable shipping window. Most people in the US will receive their package in 4 days or Less, many orders will be much faster since we are in Ohio. As always we will provide tracking numbers for each order so you can track your order through its shipping process.

Feel free to call if you have any questions. Our Customer Service team will gladly assist.

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Getting Students to Engage During CPR Training

A few Tips & Tricks for the Instructor

Let’s be honest,  high school students are more concerned with social media and the Kardashians than they are with CPR and First Aid Training.

Now more than ever we are seeing a larger presence of CPR instructors in high schools. This is primarily due to new bills passing that require high school students to have some type of CPR training prior to graduation.

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How many of us have filled up an online shopping cart only to start the checkout process and second guess the purchase because of shipping costs? Several friends and coworkers have confessed to doing this exact thing. Whether the shipping cost is outrageous or even if its minimal, it makes you stop and think “do I really need to buy this today?” We want to give you a reason to buy what you want when you want it and we’ve decided that free shipping is the answer! Continue reading Free Shipping Everyday Every Order