Introducing the New & Improved PRESTAN 2000 CPR Feedback App!

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If you currently own, or are considering, the Prestan Adult Series 2000 Manikin, you’re in for a treat. Since it came out, this innovative system has allowed you to record and track student progress and technique via Bluetooth, providing advanced feedback directly in the palm of their hands.

Now, Prestan has released a NEW and IMPROVED Prestan Feedback App! 


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February is American Heart Month!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It’s time to reinforce the importance of heart health! Most heart disease and stroke deaths are preventable. We want to share with you some tips and inspiration that can make a positive impact! 

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PRESTAN Female Accessory Manikin Feature

More and more people are surviving cardiac arrest, but not women… Let’s change that!

PRESTAN is committed to building confidence in CPR and AED training. And now, we are happy to announce PRESTAN’s newest manikin addition— females!


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MCR Medical Company Catalog

We are happy to share for the first time ever — MCR Medical Supply Company Catalog! Our catalog consists of our more popular products, not our entire product line up.

Please email our team at for our complete company catalog in a PDF file. The complete catalog has a hyperlink to each item that can direct you to our website.

As the leading distributor of PRESTAN Products, here at MCR Medical, we are committed to bringing only the highest quality CPR and First Aid Training Materials to the market and are proud to offer PRESTAN Products to our customers.

Have a question? Need a quote? Our Customer Satisfaction Advocates would be happy to help you!

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MCR Medical’s 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We hope you all are gearing up to enjoy the upcoming holidays! We are happy to announce tremendous sales for all our customers! Be sure to get your supplies at the lowest price of the season NOW at MCR Medical’s 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!

Our sale will run from November 24th at 5pm EST to November 30th at 9am EST. As always, every order will include our fast and FREE shipping option.

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PRESTAN’s Price Adjustment – Exclusive Interview

The time has come that many people are experiencing – price adjustments. One can see price adjustments in gas, food, toys, household items, and now – you’ve guessed it… CPR training supplies. PRESTAN has announced that they will regrettably be increasing their wholesale price by 20%. All PRESTAN products are included in the price adjustment except for the PRESTAN Professional Series 2000 Manikin, Adult Series 2000 Add-On Kit, Rescue Mask Adaptors, and Training Face Mask / Rescue Mask Adaptor Bundles. This update will take effect on November 15th, 2021.

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Is it a CPR Manikin, or a CPR Mannequin?

The continuous debate on correct spelling. Surely, we are not the grammar police. We get many emails with both versions regarding CPR training supplies. The correct usage of manikin or mannequin can depend both on where you are, and what you’re looking for. 

Manikin VS. Mannequin 

In the medical field, the term manikin is used. In retail, the term mannequin is used. 

Are they interchangeable? Not necessarily. Following the dictionary’s definition, we find ourselves using each as alternative forms. 

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Fast 50 Winners!

Fresh off the Press – We Made It! 6 Years in a Row!

Thanks to our amazing customers, MCR Medical has made the Columbus Business First’s Fast 50 Awards list for the 6th consecutive year! We are extremely fortunate to be nominated and to receive this award! As a small company, we are learning and growing every single day. In a previous blog, we were excited to announce our company’s move to a much larger, standalone office and warehouse space. Our company move reflects our hard work that landed us where we are today.

What is the Fast 50 Award?

Each year, the Fast 50 list highlights the top 50 fastest-growing private companies around Columbus, Ohio. Only for-profit, privately held companies averaging at least $1 million in revenue over the past three years are eligible. In years past, the Fast 50 list includes real estate, tech companies, logistics consultants, medical and crafting entrepreneurs.

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Our business is growing! We are proud to be moving to a larger location to better serve our loyal customers, while providing the same superior customer service and fast shipping times.


Starting September 20th, our new company address will be-

1550 North Wilson Road

Columbus, Ohio 43204

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BLS Providers Training with BVMs

Do you want to increase skill proficiency by having students practice with what they’ll use in the field? With MCR Medical’s Training BVMs, participants will leave class feeling confident using bag valve masks during patient resuscitation when you train with MCR Medical’s training BVMs.

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