The Prestan Warranty and Our Promise

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The Prestan Warranty and Our Promise

We all like to buy products that work and work well and we all have had terrible experiences of the opposite. MCR Medical and Prestan work together to avoid these bad experiences.

Here at MCR Medical our focus is making sure you are happy with our products. We also want you to be happy with how well they work! We are pleased to be a distributor of Prestan products along with WNL and Ambu.  

In a previous blog, titled Why We Only Sell Prestan Manikins, I talked about how instructor praise Prestan products. One of the many reasons they prefer to use them is their industry leading three-year limited warranty!  This warranty means, ANY component of the our training manikins that needs repaired or replaced will be completed free of charge!

In addition to Prestans warranty, we promise to take care of all shipping cost in association with the products. We will gladly pay all U.S. domestic shipping charges associated with a warranty request out of our pockets and this includes from you to us and vice versa. 

If you would like more information on our products and warranties, please visit us at You can also call one of our outstanding customer service reps at 614-782-2100.

As always, thank you for choosing MCR Medical for your CPR training, first aid training and emergency supplies needs.


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