Child Manikins are an Important Piece of Teaching CPR

Why adding child CPR manikins to your inventory is so important.

PP-CM-100M Prestan Child Manikins
Prestan Child Manikin with feedback device

We all know that children and adults bodies are different in many ways, yet so many CPR instructors teach CPR for children on adult manikins. I’m guessing that it is a way to save some money but is it really enough of a savings to NOT practice CPR on a child size body? Since we have remarkable, life like, child manikins available, we support learning CPR on an infant, a child and an adult manikin.

In 2014 the leading cause of death in children 1-8 years old was unintentional injury. Drowning coming in as #2 in that section. I come across stories quite often where a child was saved from drowning with CPR. And with accidents as the leading cause of death in children, we need every tool available so that we give them the best chance for a good outcome. You know how they say “practice makes perfect’? This truly is the case with CPR.

Here at MCR Medical we only sell Prestan Child Manikins. See our blog Prestan Manikins Equal The Best CPR Training Experience.

The Prestan child CPR manikin is modeled after a 10-year-old child. The smaller, thinner, less prominent body structures closely resemble a child to the eye and touch. These manikins offer the exclusive Rate Monitor with LED indicators. Prestan manikins are the best on the market which makes our child manikins superior to any other.

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