New Product Alert: The UltraVest is Here

Add a touch of personality to your CPR classes!

What is an UltraVest? 

Easy access to the compression piston and cord on back of Ultralite!

The Ultravest is custom-designed to fit any Prestan Ultralite Manikin torso. It offers easy access to the compression piston on the manikin’s back as well as left shoulder access to the piston cord. It is featuring a front zipper and a clear plastic front pocket. This vest is a great way to protect your Ultralite Manikins while displaying your business card or branding. The comfortable, clean nylon resists dirt and helps keep the manikin’s skin free of grime and grease from regular use and storage. Our UltraVest’s are available in single, 4, or 12-packs!

Why Should You Use an UltraVest?

These exclusive products add a professional look while also providing protection. Our UltraVest brings next level CPR training, and it protects your investment. It also offers a more realistic training scenario for your CPR students. The zipper feature allows students to practice removing clothing from the manikin. This feature makes it more comparable to a real-life experience. Doing this will provide a professional appearance while setting you apart from the competition. 

Need More Information?

Red nylon vest for your Ultralite Manikin!

Check out our listing on our website here for more inforamation. These UltraVest’s are offered exclusively from MCR Medical. If you are a first time customer, we offer 10% off your first order! And remember, we provide fast and free shipping on all orders! 


Please Note: This is the vest only; CPR Manikin not included. You can purchase a new Ultralite Manikin (with or without feedback) here


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    1. Hello Susan! Great question. You are in luck! We do make ManiVests for the Prestan Professional Series Adult Manikins, as well as ManiBibs for the Prestan Professional Series Infant Manikins. The links below will take you to the respective product pages. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance in any way!

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