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UltraVest CPR Manikin Vest
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    UltraVest CPR Manikin Vest

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    UltraVest-1 $12.95
    UltraVest-4 $43.95
    UltraVest-12 $124.99
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    Product Description

    Keep your Prestan Ultralite Adult CPR Training Manikin clean and looking stylish in this one of a kind red zip nylon vest. This vest was manufactured specifically for MCR Medical supply with custom measurements to fit Prestan Product's Ultralite Manikin. 


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Color: Red

    Brand: MCR Medical

    Packaging: Individually Packaged

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    Files to download and print

    This is the manual for the PRESTAN Single Ultralite Manikin with Feedback.
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