Prestan CPR Products – Batteries NOT Included!

Shipping regulations mean a big change for Prestan CPR products

Batteries are no longer included in Prestan CPR Products sold in the U.S. and overseas! In a recent email to vendors, Prestan expressed regret for this decision but stated that international shipping regulations make the change necessary as of January 1,2020. 


Prestan Manikins will no longer come with batteries! They’re as shocked as we are!

Hopefully, you already have your Prestan CPR products and all is well! But if you’re making a new purchase or plan to order soon, be aware that you’ll need to supply the batteries to get your manikins and AED trainers class-ready. 


More products? Stock up on more batteries!
(K404M Kit Shown)

This change affects all the products in the Prestan line up, including:

Professional Series Manikins with feedback- all models, 2 AA batteries per manikin

Ultralite Manikins with Feedback Piston installed – 2 AA batteries per unit

Ultralite Manikins Replacement/Upgrade Piston Feedback Unit – 2 AA batteries per unit

AED Trainers – 3 to 4 C batteries, depending on model


Keep in mind to multiply those numbers when purchasing kits with multiple manikins!

we’ve got your back
Prestan Ultralite Manikin
Prestan UltraLite Manikin’s sold by MCR Medical will continue to ship with batteries until we run out. Now’s a good time to buy!

Luckily, MCR Medical has a stash of AA batteries and will continue to include them – for as long as they last – in new purchases of Prestan Ultralite Manikins. We’re thinking we can hold out until June or July 2020. Once our inventory of batteries is exhausted, though, we won’t be able to continue this offer to our customers. So now’s the time to start hoarding batteries and taking advantage of sales! 


prestan products still industry-leading, top quality cpr products

While everyone regrets the lack of batteries and out-of-the-box readiness for their products, we at MCR continue to view Prestan manikins and AED trainers as the best choice for CPR training. Prestan’s high quality, realistic manikins and trainers offer the most authentic classroom experience at a very competitive price point. We believe in them so much, they’re the only manikins we’ll sell! So you can purchase your Prestan products with confidence – just don’t forget the batteries!


got questions?

If you’ve got questions about ordering any of the Prestan Products we carry, a purchase you’ve made or are planning to make, or our UltraLite Manikin battery offer, feel free to visit us at Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff are happy to help in any way we can. We’ll get through this together!







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