See What People Think About The MCR Medical Hand Warmers

We are super excited to share a recent review we received on Amazon about our

Grab-N-Go Warm
Hand Warmers

We love receiving feedback from our customers. Sharing your experiences with our company and our products is the greatest form of flattery. Thank you! 

Customer Review for Hand Warmers

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13 thoughts on “See What People Think About The MCR Medical Hand Warmers”

    1. Good afternoon Nancy. That is a wonderful question! Our MCR Medical Grab-N-Go Warm Hand Warmers provide up to 10 hours of heat, depending on the outside temperature and environment. The Hand Warmers are recyclable and do not pose an ecological hazard to the environment. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, and we will be happy to assist. Take care!

  1. These things are FANTASTIC! We have compared them directly side by side by the most popular name brand out there – they get warmer and stay warmer longer. We get these for our warehouse workers in the winter time – it is FREEZING out there and they appreciate these so much – have you guys discontinued? Or just out of stock? Any eta?

  2. Can I get a sample of your MCR Medical Grab-N-Go Warm Hand Warmers?
    My name is michael lee. My mailing address is PO box 1791, Fremont , Ca 94538

    Thank you

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