New Product Provides AHA Compliance for Both Depth & Rate

WNL’s New Practi-WLCRdM is A Game Changer

Work N’ Leisure Products has just recently released their New Practi-WLCRdM.

It is a CPR Feedback device that can provide both compression depth and rate feedback. This is a great solution for instructors who have already invested in CPR Manikins prior to the new AHA guideline change. The new WLCRdM is 100% compliant with the guidelines and can be used on any CPR manikin.

MCR Medical is currently selling this product as a single unit and 4-pack. To see additional images, product details and order information Click Here


The NEW WLCRdM Wristband

Visual Rate Feedback: When the student is doing compressions over or under the recommended rate the diode will illuminate red. If the student’s compressions are within the 100-120 cpm rate you will see a green illuminated light indicting accurate compression achievement.


Audio Depth Feedback: If your student’s compressions are not meeting the proper depth or exceeding the proper depth the WLCRdM will beep. One beep indicating depth shortage and two beeps indicating depth overage.  When the recommended compression depth of 2”-2.3” is met there will be NO beeping.

Below I’ve listed a few other features worth noting:


  • Meets the January 2019 AHA mandate regarding the use of an “instrumented directive feedback device”
  • Easy to use; little or no special training of instructors needed
  • Works With Any Manikin!
  • Measures BOTH compression rate and compression depth
  • Adjustable wristband fits nearly any size wrist
  • A fraction of the cost of buying new manikins or retrofitting existing manikins
  • Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V and capacity of 90mAh via USB port 
  • USB Charging chord included
  • 3-4  hours of continuous use on one battery charge
  •  One year warranty

Please feel free to contact MCR Medical at 614.782.2100 if you have any additional questions or concerns about the NEW WLCRdM. Our seasoned staff is always ready to assist and sometimes they tell jokes (they aren’t funny…but it passes the time).  


7 thoughts on “New Product Provides AHA Compliance for Both Depth & Rate”

  1. Are these water resistant. I run an Aquatics center and am trying to find a product that meets the AHA guideline and wont die if used on my pool deck near water or damp environments. can anyone help

    1. What a great question Caterina! I actually contacted WNL (the manufacturer) to ensure I provided you with the most current information. Unfortunately, at this the WLCRdM was not designed to be waterproof. However, WNL seemed extremely interested in this possibility an indicated that it would be something that they look into. I hope this helps.

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