CPR Parties – The New Tupperware

Out of the box ideas for growing CPR classes in your community

It’s summer and that means swimming, sports, traveling and general busy-ness. And it’s the perfect time to teach CPR! CPR parties are a great way to connect with friends and neighbors while teaching life-saving skills. Building CPR confidence and having fun go hand-in-hand when you make it a party!
Guest List
Everyone needs CPR training: friends and family, PTO members, soccer (or baseball or softball or tennis or….) moms and dads, coaches, babysitters, teens, library volunteers, co-workers – you name it, everyone can benefit. And many of these folks live on your block. Think of all the people you interact with on your daily errands – they need CPR training, too! Rather than just the usual suspects, think of the people you know personally who would enjoy a get-together. Or encourage them to come up with their own guest list and host a CPR party themselves! If you’re computer savvy and have the time, make little invitations to distribute, or use Facebook to manage your event.
                  The Venue
CPR Parties are fun AND educational!
Make it casual! Small parties can happen at home, on a backyard deck or in a finished basement. Maybe a pavilion in a local park? Or the community building in your development. Library meeting rooms are a great place for CPR parties. Snacks and beverages make it festive – Sam’s and Costco have great deals or invite friends to make it pot-luck. These little extras will get others excited about having their own parties in the future!  
The Goodies
Remember those Tupperware parties? They always gave out cute little kitchen gadgets and keychains. I still have a few orange peelers lying around! MCR Medical has you covered with CPR Buttons, ManiKey CPR Manikin Keychains, and a variety of Silicone CPR Trained Wristbands to reward students for their efforts. 
Our novelty add fun and are a great reminder of the training experience.
Don’t forget, we also have all the manikins, supplies and accessories you need to knock your training out of the park! Visit our website to see our selection and current sales.  Need more ideas? Or have your own to share with your fellow instructors? Comment or feel free to contact us! We love hearing from you and helping you be the best CPR instructor you can be!

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