We Have CPR Training Mask Combo Packs!

Do you need CPR masks for your adult and infant manikins but don’t need full 10 packs for each? We have you covered with our new combo packs!!

Included in Combo Pack

This product contains 5 Adult/Child Masks, 5 Infant Masks, and 10 FREE individually wrapped training valves. 


About Our CPR Training Masks

Our re-inflatable masks allow you to customize or refill your mask’s air bladder! Meaning, with the included syringe, you can add or remove air from the bladder, individualizing the CPR training pocket mask to best fit your manikin’s contours. Additionally, the training masks are reusable and help maximize your training dollar!

Also, our non-collapsible CPR mask is a cost-effective solution for teaching CPR without using a more expensive rescue mask. Because the washable trainers are capable of being decontaminated per CDC guidelines, they are reusable. Another great aspect is the mask’s stems are fully compatible with all brands of universal CPR valves. Remember to inspect and disinfect the CPR masks after use, replacing as necessary. 

About Our CPR Training Valves

This product comes with 10 FREE training valves that are individually wrapped and disposable. These valves give your student the most realistic rescue mask training experience possible as they duplicate field-use rescue valves in form and function. Not to mention, the MCR training valves feature an integral air filter and valve that obstructs the flow of contaminants.

The masks’ design is for training purposes only, and the masks do not have an oxygen port.

Need More Information?

Check out our listing here. Feel free to reach out for any additional information; we are always happy to assist!

2 thoughts on “We Have CPR Training Mask Combo Packs!”

    1. Hello Patricia! We currently have inventory in stock of the Adult Training BVM’s. Please follow the link below to visit the product page.

      Our training BVM’s come individually packaged in a multipurpose black mesh bag. Also included are an adult and a pediatric rescue mask both with re-inflatable bladders, a removable oxygen reservoir bag, approximately 7′ of oxygen tubing, and an instructional booklet. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist! Take care.

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