American Heart Association 2020 CPR Training Guideline Change Update

As many of you have heard, The American Heart Association released new CPR Training Guidelines on October 21st, 2020. We have a few updates about these changes. We also want to provide more information on the timeline of implementation and when we expect to receive the new training materials.

– The announcement regarding the updates to CPR training guidelines was made by the American Heart Association on October 21st, 2020.

– These updates are not required by instructors until February 1st, 2021. After February 1st, 2021, all AHA Instructors and Training Centers will be required to teach the updated guidelines.

– Heartsaver training material, as of now, has not changed. Therefore, all Heartsaver materials will remain the same at this time. However, BLS guidelines have changed and new materials will be needed.

– We placed an order for the new materials on October 21st. Please give us 1-2 weeks to receive the new products, make the necessary updates to our website and update inventory. You can find our current AHA inventory here.

Thank you so much for your patience during this process. We will continue to update all of you as we receive new information. As soon as the new AHA materials are in our possession, we will update our website and make an announcement. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at or call us at (614) 782-2100. For more information and specific guideline changes, please visit the American Heart Association website. 


Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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