Something Blue and New

Prestan Blue Monitors

The 2015 American Heart Association CPR guidelines, which are based off the latest resuscitation 
research, to provide science-based recommendations for treating cardio vascular emergencies- 
particularly cardiac arrest in adult, children, infants and newborns. 
The updated guidelines include: 
~ Untrained bystanders should press hard and fast in the center of the chest at the rate of
100-120 compressions per minute. Trained bystanders should use the 30:2 compressions to breaths
ratio with a goal of 120 compressions per minute. 
~ Bystanders should use mobile phones to immediately call 911 and use the speaker phone feature
so the dispatcher can get the exact location and help with CPR instructions. 
As soon as the 2015 guidelines were released our customers wanted an updated
monitor to reflect the new recommendation of 120 compressions, or pushes, per minute. 
Because we sell Prestan Products, one of the highest regarded manufacturer of
CPR manikins in the industry, keeping them up to date with any new AHA guidelines are of 
vital importance. We were very excited to hear that Prestan had new blue updated CPR rate 
monitors for their manikins and even more excited when they arrived at MCR Medical.
The new blue monitors allow instructors and students to not only see when they have
reached and are maintaining the minimum recommended speed of 100 cpm, they will
also see when they reach the upper limit of 120 cpm. 
The new monitor gives feedback as follows:
1. Red Light = Less than 60 compressions per minute
2. Yellow Light = 60-80 compressions per minute
3. Green Light = 80-99 compressions per minute
4. 2 Green Lights = Recommended 100 compressions per minute 
5. 2 Green Lights Plus Yellow Flashing Light = The 120 compressions per minute upper limit has been reached.
All Prestan Adult, Child and Infant Manikins with monitor capabilities now come with the new 
blue monitors. You are also able to update your previously ordered manikins with the new 
blue monitors. They are very simple to replace and we are always more than willing to guide you 
through any issues you may have while doing so.
Because our customers are always our #1 priority, we promise to keep them informed 
anytime new guidelines or new updates are introduced in the industry.