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Prestan UltraTrainer AED Trainer
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    Prestan UltraTrainer AED Trainer

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    PP-AEDUT-101 $99.00
    PP-AEDUT-401 $385.00
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    Product Description

    These AED trainers are more compact than Prestan's full-size model, but are feature packed & upgradable! Check out the all new AED UltraTrainer now!


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: Prestan

    Files to download and print

    Instruction Sheet/Manual for Prestan AED UltraTrainer models PP-AEDUT-101 and PP-AEDUT-401 and accessories.
    This document provides information regarding the Prestan Products three year limited warranty.
    This document provides instructions for using the AED Ultratrainer programming dongle.
    This document provides information regarding troubleshooting for the Prestan Ultratrainer and the Prestan AEDT Plus.
    This chart shows the similarities and differences between the Prestan AEDT Plus Trainer and the Ultratrainer.
    This chart shows the differences between the Prestan AED UltraTrainer and the WNL Practi-Trainer Essentials.
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