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Adult CPR Manikin, Professional Series - Prestan
    Close Adult CPR Manikin, Professional Series - Prestan

    Adult CPR Manikin, Professional Series - Prestan

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    PP-AM-100M-MS $143.14
    PP-AM-100M-DS $143.14
    PP-AM-400M-MSDS $556.48
    PP-AM-400M-MS $556.48
    PP-AM-400M-DS $556.48
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    Product Description

    These Professional Series manikins optionally come with CPR Rate Feedback Monitors that provide real-time guidance to students.


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: Prestan

    Warranty: 3-Year

    Files to download and print

    These are easy-to-follow instructions for how to replace or install the clicker on PRESTAN Professional Adult and Child Manikins.
    This is the instruction manual for PRESTAN Professional Adult CPR manikins.
    This document provides information regarding the PRESTAN Products three year limited warranty.
    This document provides instructions for proper care, cleaning, and storage of PRESTAN Professional Manikins.
    This document illustrates how to clean the clicker mechanism in the PRESTAN Professional Adult manikin.
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