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Series 2000 Adult CPR Manikins, PRESTAN
    Close Series 2000 Adult CPR Manikins, PRESTAN

    Series 2000 Adult CPR Manikins, PRESTAN

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    PP-AM-2000-1-MS $234.00
    PP-AM-2000-1-DS $234.00
    PP-AM-2000-4-MS $914.00
    PP-AM-2000-4-DS $914.00
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    Product Description

    These Series 2000 Professional Manikins optionally come with different Skin tones and Bluetooth CPR Rate Feedback Monitors that provide real-time guidance to students


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: Prestan

    Warranty: 1-Year

    Files to download and print

    This document provides instructions for proper care, cleaning, and storage of PRESTAN Professional Manikins.
    This is the instruction manual for the PRESTAN Series 2000 Adult CPR Manikin.
    Frequently asked questions regarding the PRESTAN Professional Adult Series 2000 Manikin.
    This document shows how to power on the PRESTAN Series 2000 Manikin, or remove it from demo mode.
    This document is the troubleshooting guide for the PRESTAN Series 2000 Manikin.
    Information regarding the PRESTAN Products One Year Limited Warranty for the Adult Series 2000 CPR Training Manikin.
    This chart shows the similarities and differences between the PRESTAN Professional Adult Manikin and the Series 2000 CPR Manikins.
    This letter is to certify that all of PRESTAN products are not made with natural rubber latex.
    Guide to analyzing issues with the Series 2000 Manikins
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