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Manikin Clicker, Prestan
    Close Manikin Clicker, Prestan

    Manikin Clicker, Prestan

    Package Size:  
    Manikin Size:: Item # Price
    RPP-ICLICK-4 $41.67
    RPP-ICLICK-1 $10.42
    RPP-CCLICK-1 $10.42
    RPP-CCLICK-4 $41.67
    RPP-ACLICK-1 $10.42
    RPP-ACLICK-4 $41.67
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    Product Description

    These are replacement clickers for Prestan manikins and install in just a couple minutes.


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: Prestan

    Warranty: 3-Year

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    Files to download and print

    These are instructions for how to replace the clicker on Prestan CPR manikins.
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