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Prestan AED Trainer Accessories - AEDT Series
    Close Prestan AED Trainer Accessories - AEDT Series

    Prestan AED Trainer Accessories - AEDT Series

    Prestan Accessories:: Item # Price
    PP-APAD-1 $14.96
    PP-APAD-4 $58.10
    PP-AEDT-100-R $23.05
    PP-AEDT-400-R $89.51
    PP-PPAD-1 $14.96
    PP-PPAD-4 $58.10
    PP-PPDC-1 $18.43
    RPP-AEDT-CABLE $5.25
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    Product Description

    We stock the full line of Prestan AED trainer accessories, including replacement pads and remote controls.


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: Prestan

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    Files to download and print

    This printable flier provides information on the Prestan AEDT Professional series of AED Trainers & Accessories.
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