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Prestan AED Trainer, AEDT Plus Series
    Close Prestan AED Trainer, AEDT Plus Series

    Prestan AED Trainer, AEDT Plus Series

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    PP-AEDT2-101 $198.00
    PP-AEDT2-401 $768.50
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    Product Description

    These deluxe trainers look and feel more like real AED units. The Prestan name is synonymous with quality, and it's no different with these trainers.


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: Prestan

    Files to download and print

    This document goes through basic troubleshooting steps for the PRESTAN AED Trainers.
    This document provides information regarding the PRESTAN Products three year limited warranty.
    Instruction sheet for PRESTAN AED Trainer Plus PP-AEDT2
    This chart shows the similarities and differences between the PRESTAN AEDT Plus Trainer and the UltraTrainer.
    Need to change your PRESTAN AED pads? Check out this document for easy to follow steps.
    Frequently asked questions regarding the PRESTAN AED Trainers.
    This chart shows the differences between the PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer and the WNL Practi-Trainer Essentials.
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