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How do I place a tax exempt purchase?

updated September 01, 2015

We are required to collect sales tax for all purchases withing the state of Ohio except where exempted by law, which is outlined below. We do not collect state sales tax for sales to any other state at this time, as we do not currently have a "nexus" in any other state. We are monitoring nexus guidelines and tax requirements for each state to assure continued compliance with state laws.

If you are in the state of Ohio and wish to place orders without sales tax please send us a completed copy of Ohio form STEC-B "Sales and Use Tax Blanket Exemption Certificate". Please send this to us by fax or email using the contact information in our Contact Us page. This form is not required from federal, state, or local governmental customers.

To purchase through the website without tax you would first set up a customer account on the site (click the Account link at the top of any page) and then send us the STEC-B form listing the same organization name and address. We will then update the appropriate account to allow tax exempt purchases. We are able to refund tax on an order placed within 14 days if the shipping address on the order matches the address listed on the form.

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