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How do I place an order using a purchase order (PO)?

updated May 13, 2016

MCR Medical Supply welcomes Purchase Orders (PO) from established businesses, government agencies, hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities. Others wishing to use purchase orders should call first to see if they qualify.

Payment Terms and Credit References

Customary payment terms for orders placed with POs are Net balance due in 30-days (commonly known as "Net 30" terms).

We will email or fax our credit application upon request. If you have your own credit reference document, you may use it as long as all the requested information from our credit application is included in your document.

The PO must include the following information: Item number, quantity, Ship to/Bill to address information, your purchase order number (if you have one), preferred shipping method (or specify cheapest), and if known, total shipping cost. Estimated shipping costs can be calculated on our website.

Note that orders greater than $100 receive free Fed Ex Ground shipping.

Also, we can ship your order using your Fed Ex account. Please provide the account number on your PO.

There is no minimum you must buy to use a PO.

If you wish to place an order using a PO, please fax the PO document to 614-678-5541 or email it to

Important: Please make sure to include a contact phone number or email address on the PO in case we have questions about your order.

Call 614-782-2100 or email for more information.

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