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CPR Manikin & AED Training Kit
    Close CPR Manikin & AED Training Kit

    CPR Manikin & AED Training Kit

    Skin Tone:
    Type of AED Trainer:: Item # Price
    K100-DS-ES1 $179.95
    K100-MS-ES1 $179.95
    K100-LS-ES1 $179.95
    K100-DS-WP1 $254.95
    K100-MS-WP1 $254.95
    K100-LS-WP1 $254.95
    K100-DS-PP1 $281.69
    K100-MS-PP1 $281.69
    K100-LS-PP1 $281.69
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    Product Description

    These kits have the basic supplies that CPR instructors need all in one package for a discounted price.


    Weight: 18.00 pounds

    Color: Medium Tone

    Brand: Prestan


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