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CPR Manikin with Feedback & AED Trainer Kit
    Close CPR Manikin with Feedback & AED Trainer Kit

    CPR Manikin with Feedback & AED Trainer Kit

    Skin Tone:
    Type of AED Trainer:: Item # Price
    K100M-DS-ES1 $290.95
    K100M-MS-ES1 $290.95
    K100M-DS-WP1 $380.95
    K100M-MS-WP1 $380.95
    K100M-DS-UT1 $309.95
    K100M-MS-UT1 $309.95
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    Product Description

    These kits have the basic supplies that CPR instructors need all in one package for a discounted price.


    Weight: 18.00 pounds

    Color: Medium Tone

    Brand: Prestan


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    Files to download and print

    These are easy-to-follow instructions for how to replace or install the clicker on PRESTAN Professional Adult and Child Manikins.
    This is a printable instruction sheet to show how to easily install or replace the rate monitor in an Adult or Child PRESTAN Professional Series manikin.
    This sheet demonstrates how lung bags are inserted into PRESTAN Professional Series and Ultralite Series CPR manikins. Installation is easy, and is done without any tools.
    This flier has information about the PRESTAN Adult CPR Manikins with rate monitors.
    This sheet tells a few of the differences between the PRESTAN Ultralite and Professional Series CPR Manikins.
    This is the instruction manual for PRESTAN Professional Adult CPR manikins.
    CPR rate monitor lights not working? This document illustrates troubleshooting steps for the blue rate monitor in the PRESTAN Adult manikins.
    This document provides information regarding the PRESTAN Products three year limited warranty.
    This document provides instructions for proper care, cleaning, and storage of PRESTAN Professional Manikins.
    This document illustrates how the CPR rate monitor functions in the PRESTAN Adult and Child Manikins.
    This instructional document shows how to replace the Piston Sleeve and Chest Plate in the PRESTAN Professional Adult and Child Manikins
    Easy to read instruction manual for PRESTAN Professional Series Adult CPR manikins.
    Frequently asked questions regarding PRESTAN Manikins.
    Frequently asked questions regarding the PRESTAN AED Trainers.
    This letter is to certify that all of PRESTAN products are not made with natural rubber latex.
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