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Prestan Adult Jaw Thrust CPR Manikin Head
    Close Prestan Adult Jaw Thrust CPR Manikin Head

    Prestan Adult Jaw Thrust CPR Manikin Head

    Package Size:: Item # Price
    RPP-JTHEAD-1-DS $94.00
    RPP-JTHEAD-1-MS $94.00
    RPP-JTHEAD-4-DS $375.00
    RPP-JTHEAD-4-MS $375.00
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    Product Description

    Use these Jaw Thrust heads to upgrade your existing Prestan Adult manikins.


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: Prestan

    Warranty: 3-Year

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    Files to download and print

    This document provides instructions for proper care, cleaning, and storage of PRESTAN Professional Manikins.
    This document gives information regarding the PRESTAN Professional Jaw Thrust Manikin head and how it can be used to teach the Jaw Thrust Maneuver.
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