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CPRKey-CPR Certification Keychain, Metal
    Close CPRKey-CPR Certification Keychain, Metal

    CPRKey-CPR Certification Keychain, Metal

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    Product Description

    These high quality, professional looking keychains are an awesome gift for both students and instructors. They are a unique handout item to give your students for successful completion of the course. A fun, cool way to get your students engaged in the class and excited about their CPR Certification. 

    Grab one of these “CPR Certified” keychains for yourself and attach it onto your own keys, or even on your CPR carry bag and show your support for CPR Education!

    Product Details: 1.5” Diameter, 2” Chain, 1” Key Ring


    Weight: 0.00 pounds

    Brand: MCR Medical

    Packaging: Plastic Bags

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