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Combo Pack of Elastic Bandages with Velcro Style Closure, 2", 3" and 6"
    Close Combo Pack of Elastic Bandages with Velcro Style Closure, 2", 3" and 6"

    Combo Pack of Elastic Bandages with Velcro Style Closure, 2", 3" and 6"

    Item # EBPVC-30

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    Product Description

    Whether for sporting sprain injuries or as body wraps, this combo pack of bandages have a myriad of uses. Essential to any first aid kit, each Ace-style bandage is individually wrapped and sealed. When relaxed, the individual roll is approximately five and one-half feet in length, then stretches up to 15 feet in length.

    This combo pack comes with 3 different elastic bandage sizes 2", 3" and 6". For your ease we have included 10 bandages of each size. Your combo pack will also come packaged in a clear, black top with handle polypropylene box. This versatile carry box can be refilled with more valves or other training supplies when empty, keeping your supplies organized and you looking professional.

    Medical and first aid personnel will appreciate wrapping an injury with the bandage’s Velcro-style closure. It firmly secures the bandage in place but has a less irritating soft and pliable Velcro-type strip resulting in increased patient comfort.

    Manufactured for MCR Medical Supply to our exacting standards the latex-free, high cotton content bandages also have spa or body wrap uses as they are able to hold more body wrap solution. The 75% soft cotton, 15% spandex, 10% polyester bandages make for a more pleasurable body wrapping session! The premium bandages also save you money since they can be washed and reused multiple times.

    Utilize our bandages to support and hold dressings in place, help control swelling and ease pain, or to hold ice and heat packs on an injury. With their countless number of uses, these velcro-style closure elastic bandages work well as an all-purpose first aid and beauty product!

    Don’t forget to add some to your 72-hour emergency gear or car first aid kit!


    Weight: 4.75 pounds

    Brand: MCR Medical

    Packaging: Individually Packaged

    MPN: EBPVC-30

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