The Giving Back Conundrum

MCR Medical finds that when we give back, we get so much more

The “Giving Back Conundrum”:

Does it ever seem that, when you do something nice for someone else, YOU are the one who gets the most benefit? It’s almost unfair! Why should helping others give us such a boost? We’re already so fortunate. And yet, it always seems to work that way. At MCR Medical, it’s important that we share our good fortune by meeting real needs in our community. Still, every time it feels like we “get” more from the experience than we “give.” 

Here’s an example. Since August 2017, the first Friday of the month finds us taking 200 sack lunches to The Open Shelter in Columbus, Ohio. This amazing organization was the first 24-hour emergency walk-in shelter in Ohio and has helped over

Sack lunches ready to go to The Open Shelter

30,000 men, women and children with securing and retaining housing, providing hot meals, food, clothing, hygiene supplies, tarps and sleeping bags since opening their doors in 1983.

Each month, our entire staff pitches in to prepare the “sacks,” which include a drink, PB&J sandwich, chips, crackers, fruit snacks and another snack chosen by the staff. The sacks are filled on Thursday and taken to the Shelter on Friday.

As those of you in the Midwest will remember, the beginning of January 2018 was extremely cold. We knew that just lunches were not going to cut it! As well as adding our own Grab-N-Go Hand Warmers, Grab-N-Go Dry Emergency Rain Ponchos and Grab-N-Go Warm Emergency Blankets to the care packages, our staff worked for hours to find a company that could overnight 200 pairs of gloves. What an opportunity to be able to meet an immediate need!

Extra goodies to warm bodies and lift spirits.

Now, here’s the best part.

Of course, helping others through projects like the sack lunches provides our staff with a sense of purpose – a chance to step back from our daily routine and appreciate how fortunate we truly are. But there’s a special part of our workforce that we are blessed to share this opportunity with.

These employees – called our “crew” – are part-timers hired through Viaquest (a non-profit aiding veterans and those with developmental disabilities through specialized services). These wonderful folks assist in our warehouse with inventory, repackaging, and labeling. They attend all of our team building activities (everything from bowling to historical tours of the Columbus area). But preparing the sack lunches for The Open Shelter is by far one of their favorite team tasks.  How lucky we are, not just to share our own time, treasure and talents, but to provide others with the chance to experience the joy of giving back as well?

So where do you make a difference in YOUR community? Tell us your story in the comments. When we each do a little, we all do a lot. And- fair or not – we get back what we give, and then some.

NOTE: If you’d like to learn more about The Open Shelter or Viaquest, click on the links below!

The Open Shelter


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With the support of all of our great customers we are bursting at the seams in our warehouse. This means we need to move out some products to add more  great items such as our Grab-N-Go Dry Emergency Rain Ponchos, Prestan Manikins and more! Continue reading Who Doesn’t Love a 50% OFF DEAL?

Review: Ambu RM-3034 CPR Rescue Pocket Mask

Why we like it

CPR Rescue Mask
CPR Rescue Mask, Adult/Child, Zipper Case, Ambu


Product review for the Ambu RM-3034

What is our RM-3034?

I’m so happy you asked…. The RM-3034 is a CPR Rescue Pocket Mask we sell here at MCR Medical. The Ambu Res-Cue Mask is designed to provide protected rescue breathing for any patient and may also be used with a bag valve mask if you detach the valve. Continue reading Review: Ambu RM-3034 CPR Rescue Pocket Mask

CPR Feedback Manikins

All of your General Questions Answered!

Hi Everyone! We have been getting a lot of questions about the new AHA Guidelines that will be changing in 2019. I thought I would write a quick blog to address some of your questions regarding CPR Feedback Manikins.

If you already know about the CPR Manikin Feedback devices and are interested in seeing the various options we carry you can check out our CPR Manikins page. 

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What Kind of Prestan Manikin Are You Buying?

Prestan CPR Training Manikins & Their Feedback Devices

With so many CPR Manikin options available it’s difficult to determine what you’re really getting. Skin tone, quantity, feedback devices…All of these options might have your head spinning. 

My goal with this blog is to help eliminate the concerns and hesitations you might encounter when purchasing a Prestan Manikin.

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Give us your Feedback on the CPR Feedback Device: pun intended!

The CPR feedback device provide, real-time, audiovisual and corrective evaluation.

Prestan CPR feedback device manikin. Infant.
CPR Feedback Device Manikin
DALLAS, August 15, 2017 — The American Heart Association – the world’s leading voluntary health organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular disease – will now require the use of an instrumented directive feedback device (CPR Feedback Device) in all courses that teach adult CPR skills, effective January 31, 2019. The devices provide, real-time, audiovisual and corrective evaluation and instruction on chest compression rate, depth, chest recoil and proper hand placement during CPR training.

Most of you have now heard about the new AHA guidelines concerning the new CPR feedback device. Above is the official statement from the AHA. Continue reading Give us your Feedback on the CPR Feedback Device: pun intended!

Choosing Between AED Trainers from Prestan Products

A Review of the Features on Prestan AED Trainers and UltraTrainers

Prestan AED UltraTrainer - AED Trainers

Prestan AED trainers of all varieties include a few fantastic features not found on other brands.

Rather than repeat those for each of the Prestan AED trainer types, let’s get some of those out-of-the-way. The most unique feature of Prestan trainers is their pad sensing system. This system automatically detects when each pad is placed on the manikin, which simulates a live AED, allowing for a more realistic training class. All models also include the following features: Continue reading Choosing Between AED Trainers from Prestan Products

Does Your Employer Offer First Aid/CPR and AED Training?

Some comments on the topic…

First Aid/CPR and AED training sign
First Aid/ CPR and AED training in the workplace

Providing employees with safety training is critical for your companies bottom line. We believe reading the key information from the following survey will give your enough reason to offer First Aid/CPR and AED training in your workplace. 

This survey sought to understand how organizations are approaching First Aid/ CPR and AED training.

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Something New and something Blue

Prestan Blue Monitors

AHA 2015 Guidelines Rate Monitor
AHA 2015 Guidelines CPR

The 2015 American Heart Association CPR guidelines, which are based off the latest resuscitation research, to provide science-based recommendations for treating cardio vascular emergencies- particularly cardiac arrest in adult, children, infants and newborns. These guidelines are behind the newest Prestan blue rate monitor.

The updated guidelines include:

~ Untrained bystanders should press hard and fast in the center of the chest at the rate of 100-120 compressions per minute. Trained bystanders should use the 30:2 compressions to breaths ratio with a goal of 120 compressions per minute. Continue reading Something New and something Blue

Social Media and MCR Medical

Connect with us on Social Media

Social Media
Visit MCR Medical on Social Media

If we thought about it, we couldn’t name very many people we know who are not on some type of social media. This is because there are 3 billion internet users in the world and 2 billion of those have some kind of social media account whether it be Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or one of the dozen or so others.   Continue reading Social Media and MCR Medical