CPR Feedback Manikins

All of your General Questions Answered!

Hi Everyone! We have been getting a lot of questions about the new AHA Guidelines that will be changing in 2019. I thought I would write a quick blog to address some of your questions regarding CPR Feedback Manikins.

If you already know about the CPR Manikin Feedback devices and are interested in seeing the various options we carry you can check out our CPR Manikins page. 

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Why the Pad Sensing System in the Prestan AED Trainer?

The Pad Sensing System on the Prestan AED trainer simulates a live AED

Prestan AED Trainer Replacement Pads
Prestan AED Trainer Pads

The state-of-the-art Prestan AED trainer pads will assure a true-to-life training experience.

If you are wanting the most realistic AED trainer then look no further than the Prestan AED trainer. What makes them the best?  The pad sensing system! It’s that simple. 
The unique Pad Sensing System automatically detects when each pad is placed on the manikin. Programming runs through a sensor in the center of the pad’s adhesive which most realistically simulates a live AED, allowing for a more realistic training experience. No remote control is necessary, although available for the Professional AED Trainer if desired.
The high-quality pads last for over 100 applications and the pad adhesive adheres and removes well to any manikin on the market without leaving messy residue. No more damaged pads or cleaning adhesive off your manikin. Pad replacement is affordable and easy, just replace the pad not the cord. Continue reading Why the Pad Sensing System in the Prestan AED Trainer?

Prestan Manikins Equal The Best CPR Training Experience

Prestan Manikins helps save lives!


Everyday at work I come across stories about how CPR training helped save a life. I often wonder if having a high quality CPR manikin like Prestan Manikins  helps with some of these positive outcomes. Pondering this question is how I came up with the idea for this blog post.

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Me and My Manikin Photo Contest


Prestan Ultralite Manikins
4 pack of Prestan Ultralite Manikins

Would you like to win a 4 pack of Prestan Ultralite Manikins? 

Welcome to the first ever “Me and My Manikin” photo contest! The objective of this contest is for the contestants to spend a day with their CPR Manikin and photograph it. So get your phones or cameras ready and take a photo of you and your CPR manikin dressed up. The winner will receive the unparalleled Prestan Ultralite manikins.

Prestan develops and markets medical training products serving the needs of the Emergency Response and Healthcare Markets worldwide. We are a proud distrubutor of their products which inlcudes CPR manikins with or without feedback devices, AED trainers, lung bags and face shields. We also provide support for all of their products including handling all warranty issues inhouse. 

Features of the Prestan Ultralite manikin include the following: Continue reading DON’T MISS A CHANCE TO WIN PRESTAN MANIKINS

Use Fun CPR Novelty Items to Make Training Memorable

A novelty item is an object which is specifically designed to serve no practical purpose, and is sold for its uniqueness, humor, or simply as something new (hence “novelty”, or newness).

Fun CPR novelty items
CPR Wristbands

Who wouldn’t like a free fun CPR novelty items after a training or class? Here at MCR Medical we offer unique fun CPR novelty items for CPR training.

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Lifeguards=Lifesavers with CPR

Swimming Made Safer with CPR


Swimming Made Safer with Lifeguards and CPR

Do you remember when you couldn’t wait to go to the pool every day of summer break? Or to the beach? I do. I remember idolizing the lifeguards not knowing how important their job really was. They were there to save lives with CPR and other training. Continue reading Lifeguards=Lifesavers with CPR

Are You Ready to teach CPR Training?

Each week we field calls from people who are new CPR instructors or want to become one.

Early days of CPR training.
Guy Knickerbocker and Jim Jude worked to make CPR’s lifesaving basics available to people around the world.

In 1960 when cardiopulmonary resuscitation was first developed, the American Heart Association started a program to acquaint physicians with close-chest cardiac resuscitation and became the forerunner of CPR training for the general public.

Today there are thousands of CPR instructors across the United States and each year more and more people are being trained as instructors.
Each week we field calls from people who are new CPR instructors or want to become one.With our customer needs in mind we have created a  New Instructor Checklist (included in this blog post) to help alleviate some of the work of going into business for yourself. MCR Medical has created CPR Training kits that include manikins, AED trainers and other items for new instructors. 
If you are new instructor or interested in becoming one, we can help. Not only do we have quality CPR, AED and First Aid training equipment at low prices, our owners are seasoned CPR, First Aid and CERT instructors / instructor trainers with decades of first aid and practical field experience as well.  Continue reading Are You Ready to teach CPR Training?

Why Try Our Re-inflatable Training Masks

Our re-inflatable masks are hard to beat.

Why should you try re-inflatable CPR training mask by MCR Medical? Because these particular masks allow you to customize or refill your training mask’s air bladder! With the included syringe, you can add or remove air from the bladder, individualizing the CPR training pocket mask to best fit the contours of your manikin. 

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Rub-a-dub-dub, but don’t put that CPR manikin in the tub!

How do I clean and disinfect my CPR training manikins during and especially after class?








A question I receive quite often is: How do I clean and disinfect my CPR manikin during and especially after class?  

Protecting our students from disease transmission is always important. Now more than ever with the rise in antibiotic resistant strains of bad bugs. The importance of using PPE (vinyl or nitrile gloves and CPR masks) during practice, as well an emphasis on effective hand washing must be a part of everyone’s class, all the time.  These simple steps are the first line of defense against various types of diseases, even life threatening respiratory illness and intestinal distress. Continue reading Rub-a-dub-dub, but don’t put that CPR manikin in the tub!

Are You Afraid to Save a Life by performing CPR?

Don’t be afraid to save a life!

MCR Medical hearbeat.
Safe a life. Learn CPR.


While researching the top concerns of performing CPR I came across an article in Huffington Post by Dr. Amer Aldeen. The following paragraph from that article states not only the fears we most often hear but also some statistics that you can’t but help take notice of: “If chest compressions are so easy to learn and effective, why does only one out of every three sudden cardiac arrest victims receive them? Why do only 5 percent of victims get treated with an automated external defibrillator? Quite simply, people are afraid. They are afraid of causing more harm than good, of being sued, of performing mouth-to-mouth ventilation, and of (literally) shocking someone.” Continue reading Are You Afraid to Save a Life by performing CPR?