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Used CPR Manikins

Used CPR Manikins We Have In Stock

Manikins come and go pretty quickly, so we aren’t able to post available models online. Please call us at 614-782-2100 to see what we have in stock today. The most common models are the Prestan adult CPR manikin (feedback capable) and the basic Ultralite manikins.

Warranty on Used CPR Manikins

Prestan offers a 3-year warranty on their manikins, and manikins may still be guaranteed for the remainder of this period. If the manikins are out of this 3-year period we’ll extend a one year warranty ourselves. That’s right, we’ll offer a full 1-year warranty on a used manikin!

Where Do The Used CPR Manikins Come From?

We receive most of our used manikins from our own customers. We aren’t a CPR manikin pawn shop, and only buy used manikins under specific circumstances. We’re pretty particular about what we’ll offer, new or used, so won't offer any old worn out ones.

We carry high quality Prestan manikins, so not many of them are returned for anything that has to do with the manikin itself. For example, schools and business customers sometimes order more than they end up using, and we are willing to take them back in trade later. These go fast, as they are basically new manikins.

On rare occasion we’ll get a customer who buys a basic manikin (Ultralite) and wants to upgrade. For these customers we’ll take the manikin back for credit toward the professional manikin. We’ll thoroughly inspect and clean the manikin, and replace all the accessories before offering them as used.

A few of the used training manikins (and AED trainers) we get actually come from us. We hold regular CPR classes (and challenges) here in our warehouse for our employees, and we’ll occasionally use a manikin for Youtube videos or product demonstrations for customers. These may only be used once or twice before being inspected, cleaned, and offered as used.

And saving the best for last, some of our used CPR manikins aren’t really used at all, but are simply scratch and dent items. These manikins show minor scuffing or abrasions, and just like above, they are carefully inspected and cleaned before being offered as used.

Most of the manikins we offer as used are like-new, and each has its own story. Our customer service rep will know where we received the manikin before offering it to a customer, so there’s no need to guess at where it comes from.

Call 614-782-2100 and speak with one of our customer service reps today!

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