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Emergency Blankets and Sleeping Bags

These Emergency Blankets & Bags are standard gear for many disaster agencies, hikers, campers and preparedness-minded individuals. They are made from space-age metalized plastic and are capable of a multitude of uses, making them a necessity for 72 hour and first aid kits.
Emergency Blanket, Silver
    Package Size:
    Item # Price  
    SB-1001-001 140 $1.79 $1.35
    SB-1001-010 141 $14.35 $11.95
    SB-1001-050 142 $47.95 $42.95
    SB-1001-200 143 $167.95 $149.95
    Our individually packaged emergency blankets are about the size of a pack of playing cards and open up to approximately 59" by 87". A metalized plastic sheet used for emergency first aid and wilderness survival, they hel
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    Emergency Sleeping Bag
      Package Size:
      Item # Price  
      SB-1011-001 148 $3.55
      SB-1011-010 149 $25.15
      SB-1011-050 150 $113.94
      SB-1011-200 151 $395.95
      Our sleeping bags are constructed from the same material as the blankets, but taped on three sides with waterproof tape.
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